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Roberta Wein - Founder PT and Pilates


Roberta Wein is well versed in all  all applicable treatment techniques for the orthpedic patient.

She prides herself on manual training, including myofascial release, maitland mobilization, paris technique, Mackenzie technique, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue massage, cranial sacral therapy, to name a few.

She comprehensively treats the patient including any modalities they may need, progress movement and function to the desired goals.

Roberta Wein, P.T., C.P.I.
is a graduate of N.Y.U. P.T. School,
with an undergraduate degree in dance. She has been a certified Pilates Instructor for 20 years, and was certified by Romana Krysnawska.

Roberta utilizes manual therapy,
Pilates, and orthopedics, with a
concentration on dance and sports
medicine, along with injury prevention.


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