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Pilates Pilates Certification Physical Therapy and Orthopedics Sports Medicine

Dance Medicine

Roberta Wein has extensive training and careers in dance. A dancer/practitioner is best qualified to fully understand the complex movement requirements to acheive peak phsical performance ability. She will analyze the dancers movement ,detect areas of weakness, substitution, as well as dealing directly with injuries, if applicable.The dancer's body will be comprehenively addressed, ranging from specific modalities and manual treatment of acute injuries, to movement retraining, and re-education

Dance Injury Prevention:
(This is geared towards the novice to advanced dancer)

Week 1            
Individual Assessment of structure/alignment

Week 2            
Incorporate therapeutic exercise program to address asymmetries

Week 3            
Learn self help devices

Week 4            
Develop an understanding of the impact of individual structure on technique and manage weaknesses to prevent further injury.



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