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Roberta Wein,  P.T., C.P.I.

Roberta Wein is the proud owner and creator of P.T. and Pilates. Roberta first discovered Pilates, while training as a professional dancer, and suffering from a multitude of injuries. Due to the number of injuries, and the inability to find medical professionals who focused in dance medicine, she was driven to become a physical therapist herself. She received her undergraduate degree in dance at N.Y.U., followed by her Physical Therapy degree, also at N.Y.U. in 1980.

She has had the honor to cultivate her career with many great mentors.Roberta worked for 5 years at the Center for Dance Medicine working with Broadway Dancers, major dance companies, performing artists, and athletes.


She then went on to become a second generation Pilates Instructor, under the instruction of Romana Krysnowska, the protege of Joe Pilates. She then was co-owner of JRW Physical Therapy for 10 years, and eventually the sole owner of P.T. and Pilates. During the course of these many years, she has always combined many manual therapy techniques,injury prevention, and Pilates, as forms of treatment.
She  has consulted for the Juilliard Dance Dept., the Hunter Dance Dept., as an injury prevention specialist.She has guest lectured at The WestSide Tennis Club, regarding Tennis Injuries. She has taught an introductory Pilates course to Physical Therapists, under Northeast Seminars.She also trains Pilates instructors on site at P.T. and Pilates. Roberta is also affilited with Career Transitions for Dancers.
Roberta has seen the many changes in the field of medicine, physical therapy, continues to uphold the value of one on one detailed manual therapy, and or movement therapy,with attentive quality care.


I currently do Pilates at my gym.  What makes your method different?

Pilates is not a generic name.  Pure Pilates has become misunderstood  in the recent past. Historically, it was handed down by Joseph Pilates to apprentices. At P.T. and Pilates, most of us were trained by Romana Krysnowska, the woman designated by Joseph Pilates to carry on the tradition. The training and certification under her direction requires at least 600 hours of training, supervision and testing. It includes knowledge of all apparatus, along with individualized application of the technique. Mat is only a small portion of a true Pilates session. There are many misconceptions about Pilates. At P.T. and Pilates, we honor and employ the authentic method only.  A true Pilates session includes individualized training, along with  use of  the Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Mat. An individual's specific injuries and weaknesses cannot be properly attended to in a group class.

What does your practice specialize in?   
Dance medicine
TMJ disorders
Teen injuries
Spinal and Pelvic dysfunction

Can my teenage athlete benefit from treatment at P.T. and Pilates?

Treating athletes, dancers and gymnasts while they are forming movement patterns is an extremely beneficial time for them to learn about their individual structures, movement patterns, weaknesses, and strengths. The uniqueness of incorporating Pilates apparatus for training these athletes, provides a means for creating proper neuromuscular patterns of movement, in a realistic fashion, that simulates their individual sport. In addition, physical therapists can prescribe, and teach appropriate strength and stretch exercises after performing a thorough evaluation of posture, alignment, flexibility and strength.


Do physical therapists do massage?

 Physical Therapists are now required to receive a Doctorate degree, unless they have been "grandfathered" as a result of long years of treating experience. We are proficient in many hands on techniques, which generally fall under the term of "soft tissue mobilization”. Physical Therapists perform myofascial release, mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and Maitland mobilization, to name a few. We are trained to work with all musculoskeletal conditions. Massage can be incorporated into this treatment.

What is manual therapy and what can I expect during my visit?

Manual therapy means the use of any appropriate technique that physical therapists are trained to do with their hands, such as soft tissue massage, myofacial release, joint mobilization, and muscle energy techniques.

I think I need physical therapy, but have not seen my doctor yet, can I come in first?

New York State Law allows us to see a patient for a total of ten times without a Doctor’s prescription.  During this time we can provide you with a copy of your physical evaluation to bring to your doctor.  We also know many excellent doctors and can provide you with their information if you are not sure who to see for a prescription.

Should I go to a personal trainer, or a Physical Therapist? 

Physical therapists have 6-8 years of education, which is extremely rigorous and thorough. We are trained in anatomy, physiology, the musculoskeletal system, as well as cardiac and neuromuscular systems. We are knowledgeable of normal and abnormal movement, musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disease and injury. There is no safer type of practitioner to work with and to design the appropriate exercises for your body.

Why should I patronize Roberta Wein, Physical Therapist rather than a Pilates studio?

Roberta Wein, utilizes the Pilates Method as a means of rehabilitation for our Physical Therapy patients. These programs are taught by Physical Therapists. This service is distinct from Pilates as a means of exercise, which we also offer at our facility.


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